#SNATCHPOWER was founded in Los Angeles, CA  in 2014. The founding mother, UHURA MOOR, was a  member of a historically Black collegiate sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha. She renounced her affiliation with that sorority when she realized that it had become classist, political, and corporate, rather than staying true to the purpose intended by its founders: to form a sisterhood capable of serving the Black nation and humankind alike.

Having immersed herself in Los Angeles’ underground arts community, UHURA MOOR identified a pressing need for a unifying sisterhood– regardless of academic affiliation, class, and/or race. Thus, she conceptualized #SNATCHPOWER– essentially a radical women’s liberation theology centered on the belief that there is nothing but art and the spirit.

After a chance meeting on public transportation, UHURA MOOR partnered with a dancer, painter, and writer: Flannery Kennedy (A.K.A. GAZARII KAWAII). The twin artistic spirits took their first step towards manifesting a movement by creating an innovative, avant-garde BURLESQUE/FASHION SHOW titled “FETISH WONDERLAND” in Summer 2014. #SNATCHPOWER’s inaugural production focused on sexual freedom through an array of characters exploring “fetishes,” while simultaneously addressing the power of feminine sexuality as it intersects with race, class, gender, politics, and religion. This deliberate focus on intersectionality has come to define what and who we are as a group, as well as what and who we are in our individual undertakings.

Since that first production, #SNATCHPOWER has grown into a collective, attracting contributions from a demographically diverse array of artists who all share a common goal of subverting mainstream culture’s insidiously oppressive (racist, misogynist, heteronormative) agenda through radical creative expression. #SNATCHPOWER is proud to currently count dancers, musicians, MC’s, writers, poets, visual artists, fashion designers, models, performance artists, drag artists, photographers, and videographers amongst their ever-expanding and evolving ranks.

In January, 2015, the collective began a semi-weekly podcast, #SNATCHPOWER RADIO, streaming live from a studio in Macy’s Plaza in Downtown L.A. In July, 2015, the intrepid #SNATCHCASTERS took their show on the road, fully embracing the spirit of guerrilla media by recording one-off shows in a number of makeshift locations, including music venues, public radio stations, community arts centers, and even their own apartment. In September, 2015, they found a new home at KAOS NETWORK, the cornerstone of historic L.A. Black arts district Leimert Park. KAOS’ founder, Ben Caldwell (Episode #25), has been serving the area’s youth for 30 years, with notable projects including the seminal freestyle workshop Project Blowed and monthly artist showcase Bananas.

Guests on #SNATCHPOWER RADIO have included…

Prominent L.A. INDIE RAPPERS (#11-#14, #16, #18, #22, #25, #29), SINGERS (#5-6, #24)  and DJ/PRODUCERS (#8-9, #13, #22);

PUNK (#6-7, #23-24, #26), FUNK (#19), PSYCHEDELIC (#1, #15, #17), and ROCK (#9, #25) musicians;

ACTIVIST ARTISTS fighting police brutality (#5), sexual abuse (#3), and discrimination against sex workers (#26);

Subversive FASHION DESIGNERS (#12, #20) and VISUAL ARTISTS (#15, #21);

Afrocentric FILM FESTIVAL and COMMUNITY ARTS directors (#3, #25);

and of course, fascinating #SNATCHPOWER MEMBERS themselves!

In June of 2015, #SNATCHPOWER kicked off their first official EVENT series with a summer residency at the WOMEN’S CENTER FOR CREATIVE WORK on the L.A. River, managing two day parties, a photoshoot, and a women’s retreat before the neighbors complained. Not to be deterred, #SNATCHPOWER member MO LOVE launched a series of femme-focused events under the LADYLIKE COLLECTIVE umbrella, most recently throwing her THICKFEST music/art show in August, 2015.

In July of 2015, three #SNATCHPOWER artists (UHURA MOOR, GO SEMI & MC CUCCI) decided to combine musical forces and form rap super group THE BARBAEZ, freestyling and performing all over town with heavy assistance from two of the collective’s most experienced musicians, CHELSEA MONE’T and TEE REX. They came out the gate ferocious, and soon landed a weekly August residency at THE LEXINGTON BAR in Downtown L.A. Check them out HERE!

…And all the while, #SNATCHPOWER’s designers, models, and dancers have been crazy busy keeping up with a rapidly growing number of FASHION SHOWS, PHOTOSHOOTS, and MUSIC VIDEOS!

#SNATCHPOWER’s future plans for global liberation include continuation of all of the above, as well as a forthcoming zine and short film.


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