New Snatch Film “Channeling Calafia”


On June 9th 7-11pm at LACE in Hollywood (6552 Hollywood Blvd.) we are presenting a multimedia extravaganza! Film, live art, dance, burlesque, an all new soundtrack…it’s going down and it’s going ALL THE WAY UP.  Here are the players:

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Film Crew:
Cinematography: @TheUhuruverse & Beatriz Moreno ( @missinglewood)
Editor: @Tolliv3r
Score/Music Producer: @Bapari
Musical Performers: @sondriaWRITES @theuhuruverse

Film Cast:
Captain Wolverine
sondriaWRITES (@sondriawrites)
Jadeuhmay (@jadeuhmay)
Maya Faith ( @mayalopolis)
Ayotunde Osareme ( @theafricanfaerie)
The Uhuruverse (@theuhuruverse)

Film Photography:
Beatriz Moreno ( @missinglewood )

Burlesque Dancers:
Cleonna Moore ( @hippie_trapgoddess)
Jordi ( @jordiphi )
Maya Faith ( @mayalopolis)
sondriaWRITES ( @sondriawrites)
Rexii ( @teerex4020)
The Uhuruverse ( @theuhuruverse)

Live Painting:
Beatriz Moreno ( @missinglewood)





“The Brightest Oddest Strangest Star U Ever Did Saw Up Close And Afar From Planet Earth To Mars And Beyond!”

THE UHURUVERSE is releasing a solo album JANUARY 1, 2018!

front cover by SHA GAZE

“The Brightest Oddest Strangest Star U Ever Did Saw Up Close And Afar From Planet Earth To Mars And Beyond!” is produced by NVSBL GVNG and features Jupiter Black, sondriaWRITES and more! With the illy album art work by SHA GAZE the great and mighty color slanger! You can pre-order the album RIGHT NOW by e-mailing and listen TODAY!

back cover by SHA GAZE

PLUS! You can pull up to the listening party: NO EARTHLINGS ALLOWED, to be held at Human Resources LA (410 Cottage Home Los Angeles, CA) on DECEMBER 24TH.  The listening party will feature performances by the artist, Tolliver, NVSBL GVNG plus art installations by Missinglewood and Glampchop…there’s a cash bar and a 420 bar…and it’s a joint release party for sondriaWRITES’ “Unthinkable Acts”!

It’s LIT!


The Uhuruverse snatched Cheetah’s in Hollywood, CA for the making of this video and she brought a whole flock of submissive black birds.

This video made it’s WORLD PREMIERE ON REFLEKT MAGAZINE <<< click there to read it…Janet Ramirez did an incredible job capturing the essence of the project.




SONDRIA, our resident baby mama, scribe, social media manager, and the writer behind our film FIGHT IN HEELS, has been recording black writing and posting it on her Soundcloud for people to get some literature in their lives with now excuses about finding the time or having to spend money.  It’s right on ya cellular device: CHOOSE KNOWLEDGE.

There are a few pieces up now but here is the link to Langston Hughes’ “Passing” from his THE WAYS OF WHITE FOLKS anthology of short stories.





Last year, #SNATCHPOWER debuted our first Zine (which is an independent, D.I.Y. form of a magazine) at the L.A. Zine Fest ! The zine included art/photography from our Bangkok and Tokyo chapters, writings from Uhuru and Semi, and it was the first time anyone got to read “FIGHT IN HEELS“!

The front and back of our first #SNATCHPOWER zine.

If you’re just tuning in: “Fight In Heels” is a sci-fi, fan-fiction, short story written by sondriaWRITES about our collective!

Here’s the trailer, created by Lovebox Studios.

THIS YEAR our zine included just the LITTEST of black-woman writings ranging from song lyrics to social media posts and poems. Before we unveiled that, though, we attended the festival’s pre-reading at A SHOP CALLED QUEST and the Uhuruverse babysat the baby elder, Wolverine AND captured this clip of Sondria reading non-fiction for the first time.

Here’s a snippet of “Oh Shit I’m MOM”…

Our 2016 zine sold out! So this year, we came a bit more ambitiously–joining forces with FUPU and EARTH ARROW.  We had t-shirts, music, and two zines for sale! The 2nd #SNATCHPOWER zine, AND the fan zine for the

The Uhuruverse and sondriaWRITES at the #SNATCHPOWER table for L.A. Zine Fest 2017, photo by Amelia Burns

Make Love, Do Work, and SNATCH POWER,


May 28-29th, L.A. Zine Fest Gets SNATCHED!


We are excited to announce that we will be holding down a table at the L.A. Zine Fest again this year!!! Last year we debuted our first #SNATCHPOWER Zine and we’re excited to present our second one!  We will also be presenting the FUPU Zine, and other goodies– so meet up with us on May 29th at 110 E. 9th St. 90079 to purchase your very own copy!! Last year we only printed 100 and the SOLD OUT!


Before Sunday’s festivities we will be a part of a more intimate gathering of Zinesters, the L.A. Zine Fest Pre-Reading, at A Shop Called Quest, 300 S. Santa Fe Los Angeles, CA, and you should pull up to hear Snatch Scribe Extraoridnaire, sondriaWRITES, read NON-FICTION for the first time!  She’ll be reading from “ohShitImMOM”, excerpts from her forthcoming book that can be found in this year’s SNATCHPOWER ZINE!!

IT’S LIT MUHFUCKAS!! DON’T MISS THIS EVENT! The written word is our opportunity to record our own HERSTORY and we do not take it lightly.  Let ’em know!