Last year, #SNATCHPOWER debuted our first Zine (which is an independent, D.I.Y. form of a magazine) at the L.A. Zine Fest ! The zine included art/photography from our Bangkok and Tokyo chapters, writings from Uhuru and Semi, and it was the first time anyone got to read “FIGHT IN HEELS“!

The front and back of our first #SNATCHPOWER zine.

If you’re just tuning in: “Fight In Heels” is a sci-fi, fan-fiction, short story written by sondriaWRITES about our collective!

Here’s the trailer, created by Lovebox Studios.

THIS YEAR our zine included just the LITTEST of black-woman writings ranging from song lyrics to social media posts and poems. Before we unveiled that, though, we attended the festival’s pre-reading at A SHOP CALLED QUEST and the Uhuruverse babysat the baby elder, Wolverine AND captured this clip of Sondria reading non-fiction for the first time.

Here’s a snippet of “Oh Shit I’m MOM”…

Our 2016 zine sold out! So this year, we came a bit more ambitiously–joining forces with FUPU and EARTH ARROW.  We had t-shirts, music, and two zines for sale! The 2nd #SNATCHPOWER zine, AND the fan zine for the

The Uhuruverse and sondriaWRITES at the #SNATCHPOWER table for L.A. Zine Fest 2017, photo by Amelia Burns

Make Love, Do Work, and SNATCH POWER,