New Snatch Film “Channeling Calafia”


On June 9th 7-11pm at LACE in Hollywood (6552 Hollywood Blvd.) we are presenting a multimedia extravaganza! Film, live art, dance, burlesque, an all new soundtrack…it’s going down and it’s going ALL THE WAY UP.  Here are the players:

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Film Crew:
Cinematography: @TheUhuruverse & Beatriz Moreno ( @missinglewood)
Editor: @Tolliv3r
Score/Music Producer: @Bapari
Musical Performers: @sondriaWRITES @theuhuruverse

Film Cast:
Captain Wolverine
sondriaWRITES (@sondriawrites)
Jadeuhmay (@jadeuhmay)
Maya Faith ( @mayalopolis)
Ayotunde Osareme ( @theafricanfaerie)
The Uhuruverse (@theuhuruverse)

Film Photography:
Beatriz Moreno ( @missinglewood )

Burlesque Dancers:
Cleonna Moore ( @hippie_trapgoddess)
Jordi ( @jordiphi )
Maya Faith ( @mayalopolis)
sondriaWRITES ( @sondriawrites)
Rexii ( @teerex4020)
The Uhuruverse ( @theuhuruverse)

Live Painting:
Beatriz Moreno ( @missinglewood)





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